Welcome to the Waconia Area

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Who are we?

Through mentoring and purposeful friendships, Timber Bay works with young people to help them navigate life. With a safe environment for everyone, Timber Bay is a place to feel at home. We strive to create a sense of purpose, belonging and community with our youth, emphasizing self-worth, forgiveness, freedom from guilt, accountability, and a balanced perspective of authority and freedom. We also work to affect new attitudes and behavior as needed in youth through a growing faith in Christ and / or by supportive staff relationships.


– Hiking
– Relaxing
– Campfires
– Chapels
– Sunset on the lake at your home away from home.
    HSWeekly Activities (most Tuesdays)
    – Coffee Shops
    – Hang at parks
    – Broomball
    – Outdoor events
    – Snacks

    Pick up at school and drop off at home

      MSWeekly Activities (Most Thursdays)
      – Play at Parks
      – Coffee Shops
      – Outdoor Activities
      – Snacks

      Pick up at your school and drop you off at home.

        Wolf River Rafting
        A four day camping and rafting adventure in Wisconsin

        Boundary Waters Canoe Trip
        A week canoeing in the wilderness with friends

          SummerGrill ‘n’ Chill
          Pick up every Tuesday at 4:00pm from home

          Interested? Talk to Mark Busse! ($20 includes lunch, gear, and paint)

          The Camp that Comes Home.