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Who are we?

Even as newlyweds the McQuowns shared a desire to work with adolescents — more specifically — a burden for hurting youth. It’s a desire that persisted and grew even through some early twists and turns along their career path. They volunteered with youth groups, but believed strongly that they were being prepared to serve kids who struggled the most during adolescence. But how?

One day, the phone rang. It was Paul Miller, President of Timber Bay. Paul had interviewed several candidates for Timber Bay’s Spirit Lake area, but no clear candidate emerged through the process. Then, one of the candidates suggested that Paul call Todd McQuown. During the course of several conversations it became clear that God had been preparing both parties for what was to come.

Some might wonder what kind of issues could possibly beset youth in an idyllic setting like Spirit Lake, but Todd is quick to point out that while many rural communities still nurture strong families, a growing number of young people are growing up in these communities without the benefit of a strong family. All youth need to know they are loved; that they are cared about and that their needs will be provided for, but too often, the lack of those essentials lead to an adolescence that is marked by alcohol, drug abuse, and other forms of acting out.

Many of the communities surrounding the Spirit Lake/Okoboji area are in need of youth mentors. Todd envisions a time when Timber Bay has a larger footprint that includes those outlying communities.


Here is a link to our monthly calendar to see what activities are going on for both High School and Middle School, as well as when Camps are.


Did you know each staff person raises their own salary?

The Spirit Lake Area of Timber Bay has been serving teens in need since 2006, and with your investment we will be able to continue to serve and impact lives for many years to come.

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TODD MCQUOWN | area director
Spirit Lake, MN/Okoboji, IA
mobile: (712) 209-1830
email: todd@timberbay.org

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