Welcome to the Monticello Area

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“We seek out the unseen kids among us who struggle the most.”

Who are we?

Through mentoring and purposeful friendships, Timber Bay works with young people to help them navigate life. With a safe environment for everyone, Timber Bay is a place to feel at home. We strive to create a sense of purpose, belonging and community with our youth, emphasizing self-worth, forgiveness, freedom from guilt, accountability, and a balanced perspective of authority and freedom. We also work to affect new attitudes and behavior as needed in youth through a growing faith in Christ and / or by supportive staff relationships.


Hiking, loafing, campfires, chapels, sunset on the lake at your home away from home.

    Weekly Activities (most Tuesdays)
    – Coffee Shops
    – Hang at parks
    – Broomball
    – Outdoor events
    – Pizza

      20151003_174423_001 2Weekly Activities (Most Thursdays)
      – Dodgeball
      – Play at Parks
      – Coffee Shops
      – Pizza

      We pick up at your school, and drop you off at home after activity.


        Wolf River Rafting
        A four day camping and rafting adventure in Wisconsin

        Boundary Waters Canoe Trip
        A week canoeing in the wilderness with friends


          One Tuesday and Thurday each month meet at Timber Bay house for group activities.

          Dan and Autum will be meeting with kids individually.







          WallphotoWORKCREW | Building kids, not a camp.
          WorkCrew has been a vital part of youth development at Timber Bay for many years. Kids volunteer to work on important projects around the camp. These are not chores — instead they are vital tasks — many of which can be seen as you hike around Camp. Over the years, WorkCrew has helped build three cabins, and laid up countless cords of wood. Dan Miles, our Monticello Area Director says, “WorkCrew is really about three things: 1) Meet kids where they’re at and begin instilling a solid work ethic. 2) Help them learn to see a project through to completion — to finish well. 3) Help them develop skills and instill a healthy pride in their work — something they can take into adulthood.” Does it work? Dan relays the story a WorkCrew kid who became so adept at working with his hands that he made a beautiful end table with an etched glass top, along with a wooden chest as part of a senior project. Today, that wonderful craftsmanship resides in the WorkCrew Lounge at Timber Bay. When Dan asked the young man why he wanted to donate the pieces to camp instead of taking them home, he replied, “I want them to stay in the Timber Bay WorkCrew lounge — it’s my favorite place on Earth.”

          The Camp that Comes Home.