Welcome to the Birchwood Area

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Who are we?

Through mentoring and purposeful friendships, Timber Bay works with young people to help them navigate life. With a safe environment for everyone, Timber Bay is a place to feel at home. We strive to create a sense of purpose, belonging and community with our youth, emphasizing self-worth, forgiveness, freedom from guilt, accountability, and a balanced perspective of authority and freedom. We also work to affect new attitudes and behavior as needed in youth through a growing faith in Christ and / or by supportive staff relationships.



-Cross-country Skiing
-Great Conversation

    Weekly Activities
    (most Mondays 6-8pm)
    -Grill ‘n’ Chill

      Wolf River Rafting
      A four day camping and rafting adventure in Wisconsin

      Boundary Waters Canoe Trip
      A week canoeing in the wilderness with friends

        Where we build things

        Through projects at camp we help youth build skills and character that they can apply to everyday life.











        The Camp that Comes Home.