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Who We Are.

We seek out kids in our midst who are too often overlooked. Some struggle silently in school; others act out in self-destructive behaviors, creating problems for both themselves and their communities. While some adults may be inclined to avoid these youth, our long-term, professional staff purposefully seek them out, offering understanding, respect, and a firm guiding hand through long-term mentoring friendships.

Many kids are first introduced to the Timber Bay outreach at Timber Bay Camp. It is a safe place —  free from physical and emotional abuse or neglect — a place kids call their home away from home. But while camp is an important aspect of our outreach, Timber Bay happens wherever our staff is present. In fact, the majority of our outreach happens back in the home communities we serve.

How many organizations retain their staff for 15…20…30 years or more? We do. We seek out the best staff, train them, and watch in amazement at the good work they do with kids in their communities. Because of our staff’s commitment, we are able to build strong long-term relationships with the communities and youth we serve.

Youth Investment Foundation/Timber Bay is a not-for-profit organization, relying on contributors for its daily operation. And many don’t realize that each Timber Bay ministry staff member is responsible for raising their own support. This means we’re always looking for partners in spirit who will help us reach more at-risk kids. To discuss ways you can support our ministry, contact Bruce Schultz, Director of Development or help right away with your tax-deductible gift online.

Adolescence should be a time of great adventure and discovery, but for too many kids it’s a time marked by cynicism and despair. Timber Bay seeks out the unseen kids among us who struggle the most. Our seasoned staff of professional youth workers develop long-term relationships with the youth we serve through a dynamic camping and community approach.

The Communities We Serve

Restoring Hope.

One Kid at a Time.

Attention to Detail

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Three Forms of Mentorship. One Goal.

Scholarship confirms what Timber Bay has employed intuitively since its inception — most successful adults have received some form of mentoring during their adolescence. Timber Bay combines three distinct and complimentary forms of mentorship. Our long-term adult mentorship relationships with at-risk youth has offered thousands of kids hope for a brighter future.

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Want To Help? Join Our Team. We’re constantly searching for young people who are marginalized and hurting.  Because of that we’re also looking for qualified men and women to join our growing outreach. If you’ve been looking for a place that allows you to minister with kids according to your style, you might just be a fit. Contact Timber Bay and let’s talk.